How much does it cost?

The fee to meet with our NP and join RRCC is 275.00 plus HST, 310.75. This covers your membership for the year with all of our services included. If this fee is a challenge for you, we offer two appointments a week at no cost for low income patients, based on availability.

What supplies and accessories do you sell?

We have wholesale accounts with distributers for growing equipment and supplies. Members can send us a list of what they require for a quote. Other shops charge anywhere from 100-200% markup for items, but we don’t do that to our members. We add 10% to the wholesale cost to cover shipping and processing. If an item is $100 wholesale, a typical store would charge $200 -$250 for it; we charge $110 for the same item. We understand that patients already feeling the effects of a serious medical condition need access to equipment at the lowest cost possible.

Why do I need to provide my ID?

We do not require medical records, however we do require your ID for your file. This is to prevent crime, deviation of medicine to the black market and to protect your identity.

Am I guaranteed to get a medical cannabis prescription?

We review medical records before your appointment. If the prescriber doesn’t feel that your file is a candidate for a prescription, we let you know right away, and we do not book you an appointment. We never guarantee how many grams per day you will get but we are very compassionate and understand that for cannabis to be of use, you need an appropriately sized garden.

How long is a medical prescription valid for?

Prescriptions can only be written for a maximum of 12 months and then they must be renewed. This is Health Canada’s regulation. We already write them for the full 12 months.

Can I take my medicine with me when I travel?

Yes, as long as you remain within Canadian borders. You cannot take cannabis to any other country at this time, even countries in which it is legal. However, the medical cannabis program is federal and as such you can travel anywhere within Canada. At this time, you may only carry a maximum of 150 grams or 30x your daily dosage. When driving, always remember to store your medicine in your trunk.

Can I grow my own medicine?

Yes, and we help you do just that. Talk to us about your intended grow space and we can help you design a grow room, or transition from soil to hydroponic if you wish. Our medical document is accepted by Health Canada and we have a 100% success rate. We have never had a prescription turned away. We will help you with every step including helping you find a designated grower if you do not have space on your own property.

Do you share my prescription information with my family doctor?

No, we keep all records confidential, we do not bill any provincial medical plans, and we never share any information about your file unless you ask us to in writing. Your file is 100% confidential.

What medical conditions can I treat with medical cannabis?

We have seen people for many different conditions, from anxiety, depression and PTSD to cancer, MS, and Parkinson’s. Cannabis is very helpful in treating pain as well as chronic and terminal illnesses, but surprisingly, many people come to us to treat sleep disturbances. Many of our patients have been able to greatly reduce or outright eliminate the need for sleeping pills after starting with cannabis.

How old do I need to be to join?

You need to be the age of majority in your province.

I want to just ask some questions on behalf of a family member or a friend, can I do that, or do I need to pay first?

You are welcome to ask any questions you wish. We know cannabis can be intimidating for new patients. You are welcome to ask us anything, and we will do our best to help you.

Will you help me with my Health Canada documents for my ACMPR license or the Cannabis Act application?

Yes, we help you fill them out and we also audit your documents for Health Canada. We have learned a lot over the years and have made the mistakes, so you won’t make them.

Will you send me my original ink prescription?

Absolutely! You can use our medical document for your ACMPR and Cannabis Act application with Health Canada. We have a 100% prescription success rate with Health Canada. We encourage you to keep a photocopy at home and are happy to send you one with your original. It is advised to keep copies for your records of each document you send away.

Do I have to register and buy from a specific LP in Canada?

No, unlike other clinics, we are not partnered with any LPs. We do not force you to buy from anyone, and further, we encourage you to grow your own. Other clinics may be free, but they restrict your medical cannabis purchases to their LP only.

I want to replace opiates with cannabis because I feel like I am getting or am already addicted to pain medication. How do you help people overcome this?

We have helped other people treat their addiction and use harm-reduction to improve their life. We help you by following up with you as much as you wish. We can prepare letters for other health care providers and you can book additional follow-up appointments with our NP to help keep you on the right path. We care about you and your success, so we emotionally support you through the process. You can do this, and we can help!

I am on disability benefits or low-income, is there any help for people like me?

We never let money come between you and your health. If you are low income, we can reduce or waive our membership fee on a case-by-case basis.

Can you help me find a grower?

Yes, we have access to growers for medical patients. We can also help guide you when you are evaluating a potential grower.

Do you take patients on as designated growers?

Yes, we do.

I want to see the NP more than once. Is each follow-up appointment an extra fee or is it included?

You can see our NP/prescriber for as many follow-up appointments as you wish. This option is ideal for patients facing conditions that change, such as cancer or when treating addiction. We are here for you to support you through every step. If you want to change your prescription or discuss new ways that cannabis may help, we are here for you.

Can your NP prescribe other medications other than cannabis?

No, we can only prescribe cannabis.

Which Provinces do you see patients in?

We see patients in all provinces. We have members coast-to-coast.

Can I grow cannabis without a prescription and license from Health Canada?

This depends on the province you live in. Most provinces, with the exception of Manitoba and Quebec, allow four plants per household for recreational growers, but this is not adequate for medical cannabis patients. Medical patients need to get their prescription and personal ACMPR grow license in order to cultivate the number of plants that they need.

Do you have experience with veterans?

Yes, our NP has many years of experience treating veterans. All veterans receive a 15% discount on the membership fee. We thank you for your service.

How many grams per day can I get from your clinic? Am I guaranteed the amount that I want?

At RRCC we understand that you need enough plants to create the medicine that works for you. We also understand that things can go wrong when growing plants so you need enough in storage to cover any issues. At our clinic we write 1- 50 grams per day prescriptions. Of course, most people cannot smoke 50 grams per day. However, patients creating edibles, topical creams, concentrates and vaping for pain do need a sufficient sized garden to accomplish their goals. We never guarantee grams, that decision is between the patient and the prescriber. If you are seeking a larger card, you will need sufficient evidence of a serious medical issue to be prescribed a larger amount. Any patient is welcome to submit their records for a pre-evaluation so you can get a ballpark figure of your prescription before booking in. There is no fee for this. Simply send in your medical records and our Prescriber will read them to give you an idea of what you can expect. At that point, you can book in and move forward with peace of mind. If a patient is denied a prescription for whatever reason the fee is refunded. However, we do not require medical records. If you are seeking a 50 gram per day card, our NP may ask to verify some information but records are not required.

How do you calculate the grams per day? How much can I grow?

We take into consideration your grow room available. For patients producing treatments like edibles, topical creams, and concentrates more plants are required. Our NP will discuss your current medication load and discuss any goals you have at reducing or replacing those medications. Health Canada allows 1 plant per gram outdoors and 5 plants per gram outdoors. For example, if a patient has a 10 gram per day prescription, they can grow 10 plants outdoor and 50 plants indoors. (For some reason HC takes one off for indoor growing, so on your license you would be able to grow 49 plants, I have no idea why they do this) You can only grow one way at a time. so, for example, a patient could grow their 10 plants outdoors in the summer and then once that crop has completed, they could move into an indoor space and grow 50 plants the other months of the year. You cannot grow indoors and outdoors at the same time. On the ACMPR license application, you are asked how you plan to grow your medicine. That is where you inform Health Canada of your plans for growing. If you have a greenhouse outside that is on a foundation, and that cannot be taken down in a day for example, that is considered indoor growing. If the greenhouse can be removed in a day and is not on a foundation, it is considered out door growing. If you have any questions on being compliant, we are here for you. We also audit your license application to ensure you are accepted quickly. We have a 100% success rate with our medical document with Health Canada.