Created for patients. RRCC takes the mystery out of cannabis by offering medical cannabis prescription services and on-going support to help you become independent. Husband and wife team, Brad and Angela Olson, RRCC founders and patients themselves, have established a welcoming place where you can come to learn about the benefits of medical cannabis, and receive help no matter where you are in your personal health journey.

Brad has been a medical cannabis patient since 2009 after a terrible workplace accident. Cannabis helped him reduce his need for pain medications and sleeping pills and returned him to a quality of life that those medications couldn’t. When he tried to access services around cannabis his family doctor wasn’t willing to write his prescription. He discovered that a lot of clinics either charged thousands of dollars for a prescription, putting it out of reach for his family that was already feeling the financial impact of having to work less or refused to give him a prescription that was of actual use. When he saw what was going on and how hard it was for people to access this medicine, he decided to create a place that did it right. Together with his wife, Angela, he created a place that offered the services, care and professionalism that he and countless others need.

Everyone on our team knows that cannabis can be intimidating to access and grow, and we’re focused on helping any way we can. Our experienced and compassionate Nurse Practitioner understands the benefits of using medical cannabis to help with many chronic and terminal illnesses and has personally seen people benefit from medical cannabis.

Our members get as much help or as little as they require to ensure that they can all be successful. Our club has grown to over 1400 members coast to coast and the future is exciting.

Every day, RRCC helps people just like you, so don’t hesitate—you won’t regret it!  Thanks to medical cannabis, Brad and Angela have a bright future, even in the face of challenging medical conditions. If pain, addiction, cancer, MS, sleep issues, arthritis, or you have any other medical condition that cannabis may improve, you are in the right place. All of us at RRCC welcome every question you may have and will take the time to answer your questions even before you join. We never let money get in the way of wellness. We offer compassionate pricing and will do anything we can to assist you in your journey to better health—helping people is our motivating force, and we can’t wait to meet you!



Our Nurse Practitioner understands that you deserve to explore any and all options to help you achieve the best health possible. We understand that most people joining our club are growing their own medicine and we encourage them to do so. In order to create the form of cannabis that best helps you, we understand that you will need an appropriate number and type of plants. We never link the membership fee to the size of your prescription—please be leery of any clinic that does.


Whether you want to or already have your own medical cannabis garden, you will receive unlimited growing support. You can text in a picture of your problem and Brad, our Master Grower, will diagnose it and help you solve it. Brad can design a custom grow room for your space and you can purchase hydroponic and traditional grow supplies at the lowest cost possible for your medical cannabis garden.


Cannabis can mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation but can also help shrink and kill tumour cells. If you or a loved one are facing a cancer diagnosis, please call us so that we can explain how cannabis can help. We can teach you how to make your own topical creams, suppositories and edibles. We highly suggest that patients vape flower instead of smoking when treating any type of pain. We are here for you. We have personally seen how cannabis can help to mitigate the effects of cancer, and we will share all of our experience and knowledge with you. If you have an older family member who may not be open to this medicine, we can speak with them and answer all of their questions. At RRCC we are a family and we want to help you take care of yours. 



We take our responsibility to our patients very seriously. As patients ourselves, we understand that you may just want to talk and have questions. There is no judgement here. When you are ready, we can help you to move forward. We protect your privacy and all of us work hard to make sure you have the most up-to-date information on the current laws.  We will always support you through every of your personal health journey. Unlike other clinics that do not offer on-going care, we do! At RRCC we make our medical professional available to you for your first appointment and any others that you may want or need, as we truly want to help you any way we can. We know that cannabis offers very real medical benefits and we want to help you enjoy them all.